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LED Lighting…The Options Are Endless!

LED lighting upgrade coloradoChanging the mood of a space can be as simple as updating your lighting. Did you know light, or lack thereof, can have a serious effect on our moods? In a recent NY Times article on LED lamps, it’s been discovered that they can - and will - be used for more than illumination.

In the future, LED’s will be commonly used to improve health, moods and food production by taking advantage of their ability to shift colors. Besides being the most energy efficient lighting to date, LEDs can be programmed to create light in multiple colors which can make you feel more alert, calm or sleepy. Most people are aware of Seasonal Affectation Disorder, and LED lighting has been proven effective in preventing.

Lighting and Our Body Clocks

It’s important to make sure you know the purpose of lighting up an area in your home, which colors will suit that space best, and to install them in strategic positions in order to have the right appeal.

Throughout the day, the nerves in our brains are signified to rest and sleep at a specific time, commonly known as our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm dips and rises at different times a day and occurs through regular exposure to light and darkness.

When the sun is about to set, our energy levels drop. During autumn and winter, we’ll be less geared to move around, in comparison to spring and summer. This is how lighting can significantly affect us.

To enhance your moods, opt for these LED light colors:

  • Yellow relaxes
  • Green refreshes
  • Orange energizes
  • Blue calms
  • Purple inspires creativity

Why Use LED’s?

  • LEDs use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens). They offer the same amount of light for a fraction of the usage.
  • LEDs have a longer lifetime. Four times longer, to be exact.
  • LEDs have less impact on the environment and our health. They emit less C02, have low infrared/ultraviolent radiation, are Restriction of Hazardous Materials compliant and do not contain mercury.
  • LEDs are robust. They turn on instantly without delay. LED’s don’t flicker and are more durable.
  • LEDs offer greater cost savings. They use much less energy.

Isn’t It Time To Go LED?

The benefits are overwhelming. LED’s are cheap, their light quality is excellent, they will probably outlast you and they use a tenth the electricity. There is no reason not to make the switch now. With LED costs at an all-time low, anyone can afford this beautiful, environmentally-friendly option.

So are you ready to upgrade your existing lighting to awesome and energy efficient LED lighting? If so, contact Best Electric today.

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I hired Joe Bartels and Best Electric Service to add a 240V circuit for a hot tub at my home. I couldn't have been happier with their thoroughness and customer focus. They worked with our installation schedule, listened to my input and were creative in routing the final conduit. Quick and very professional. They have my highest recommendation!

I was extremely pleased with the work Joe did for me this past week and wanted to say something positive so others would consider him for jobs.  But the rating has to be done through a google account, and I do not want to have an account with them - the information required is personal, and I have no doubt sold immediately to places that do solicitations.  But if there is a way to insert my comments, so they contribute to the rating system, here they are. I wanted to say this:  I have an older home and a not-so-robust budget.   Joe inspired confidence with his knowledge, solved a sticky problem for me with my new range, left everything looking good and accommodated my work schedule.  His fees were competitive and, most importantly,  I am confident the work will stand up to the test of time.  I would recommend him highly to anyone asking for an electrician.

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Brands We Service

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  • Square D
  • General Electric
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